Spring is here and before you know it, summer will be upon us.  If you're a home owner, a land lord or just someone who needs to keep yourself busy, chances are you're planning on doing some home improvements.  You have two obvious options.  You can hire someone to do it, which you never know how it will work out.  Maybe the work gets done, maybe it doesn't.  Maybe you're happy with the result or maybe you'll wish you had just done it yourself.

Chances are you're a do- it- yourself-er and if anyone is going to do the work, it's gonna be you.  Besides in this economy, who can afford to hire someone else to do work that can be done on your own, right?  Well, if that's you and you're itching to get started on adding a new bedroom, or installing a new bathroom or maybe finally getting around to finishing that basement make sure you're doing it not only the right way but safely as well.  By properly planning and using safety techniques, you can drastically reduce the risk of danger.

At the Roswold Law Group, we know accidents can happen when you least expect it.  These accidents can be prevented by simply following these safety tips:

  1. If you don't know what you're doing, seek help.  Don't tackle a task without properly informing yourself.  If you're not an electrician and have no experience, don't make rewiring the house your first attempt.
  2. Keep your work area properly clean and organized.
  3. Wear proper clothes when working.  Re-roofing the house isn't the best time to bust out your new flip-flops.  Wear appropriate clothing and footwear that fit the job.  Use protective eye-wear when power tools, hammers or any kind of cutting tool.  It's not a fashion show.
  4. When using ladders, make sure the ladder is placed on a flat, even surface.  Remain centered on the ladder while climbing up and down or working at an elevated level.
  5. Finally, follow any and all directions that are labeled on or around your tools and/ or work area.  They are there for a reason: to keep you safe.

Once again, the attorneys at the Roswold Law Group ask you practice these safety tips to ensure your able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and have an amazing and most of all, safe summer!

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