What in the world is back-in, angled parking?  Well, it just happens to be the newest concept in Kansas City parking.  Currently, there is a three-block area in the Crossroads District that is implementing this new parking system as a test for other places in Kansas City.  The concept is currently used in Honolulu, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Northhampton, Mass., and other cities as well. 

Basically, it is a simple concept, angled spaces are marked out for the driver who simply signals, pulls past the space, then reverses into the parking spot.  Angled spaces have been popular for years because they allow for more parking than the traditional parallel parking spots.  And, really, who likes to parallel park anyway? 

There are other benefits of the back-in angled parking spots as well.  Car doors are positioned so passengers as well as the driver are directed toward the sidewalk rather than the street when exiting the vehicle.  Also, when it is time to load up the vehicle with packages, the trunk is pointed toward the sidewalk allowing the person to safely load the vehicle.  In regular angled parking the person is forced to stand in the street to put anything in the trunk.  Lastly, when leaving the parking space, the driver is going forward, so blind spots when backing out are eliminated.

One of the big supporters of back-in angled parking are cycling groups.  Cyclists are often victims of accidents when drivers back out of parking spaces and cannot effectively see oncoming traffic, particularly in SUVs. 

So where is this great new parking system?  The test spot for Kansas City is on McGee Street on the three blocks between 17th Street and 20th Street.  There are even new blue signs that will instruct the drivers as they master this new system. 

So what if you want to go ahead and pull in forward?  Well, it appears there will be a grace period of about one month, then the city will begin issuing tickets to the tune of $38.50 for parking incorrectly. 

At Roswold Law Group, we love to see improvements that protect our Kansas City drivers, as well as cyclists and pedestrians.  Adding parking spaces in the Crossroads District is an added bonus to the city too.  As Kansas City Auto Accident Attorneys we applaude the forward thinking of the city to try this new parking system and we encourage all Kansas and Missouri drivers to give the new parking a chance.  It may just be coming to an area near you!

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