This past holiday weekend, a man from the Kansas City suburb of Blue Springs, MO blew his hand off of his body.  How?  He had tied a bunch of sparklers together to make a "sparkler bomb."  Apparently the explosion was so loud that the injured man's next door neighbor reported that it was probably the loudest firework he had ever heard.  Now the man has lost one of his hands, and may not even regain sight in one of his eyes.

In light of all this, we must remember that this is a children's firework.  Sparklers are legal in most states and typically they are considered safe enough for children to play with.  But if a pack of sparklers can blow off a grown man's hand, can you imagine what one sparkler could do to a very young child?  The truth is that sparklers are not fool-proof.  Children who play with them are at risk for permanent injury.  Especially the ones that use metal sparklers, because this type of sparkler gets considerably more hot than its wooden counterpart, and can cause devastating burns

So, although the Fourth of July has passed, firework use is still rampant and still dangerous.  It is especially important to keep leftover fireworks out of the reach of children.  As more and more states push to make fireworks illegal, so to must we be equally cautious and consider the best interest of our children.  Just because the holiday has passed does not mean that the danger has passed as well.  You may still hear kids playing around with fireworks in your neighborhood.  We just ask that you make sure your children are safe, and make sure children aren't aiming the fireworks toward your home, whether it was intentional or not. 

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