While commercial trucks are designed to carry heavy loads, they can become more difficult to control if the cargo is too large.

Federal regulations dictate size and weight of a truck’s load in an attempt to avoid accidents related to oversized trucks. Each state extends additional guidelines regarding load per axle limits. Unfortunately, these requirements can be violated by fleet companies and truck drivers in a hurry to deliver a full load.

Overloaded trucks and accidentsYou've seen trucks travelling through Kansas and Missouri transporting construction machinery, wind turbine propellers, pre-fab homes, and other large items.

As you can imagine, many standard driving maneuvers are compromised by the height, width, and weight of such items.

A truck operator has to consider the complications of adequate stopping distance, turning radius, bridge and overpass clearance, and lane spacing.

Types of Overloaded Truck Accidents 


When a load is oversized, it may not be equally distributed and can affect a truck’s center of gravity. This can lead to a rollover accident, which is even more likely if the operator is speeding, traveling on curves, or exiting or entering on highway ramps.

Jackknife Incidents

Overloaded trucks are also more likely to cause jackknife accidents, when a trailer swings to the side right into other lanes of traffic. This frequently happens if a truck driver must slow or stop suddenly. Sometimes this is necessary due to the actions of a motorist in front of him. It's also the result of truck operator negligence because of distractions such as texting, watching a movie, and other behaviors that take eyes off the road.

Tire Blowouts

The extra weight of an oversized load puts additional pressure on a commercial truck’s tires. A blowout may cause any number of hazards, including releasing cargo onto the roadway, rollovers, jackknife crashes, and other dangers.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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