An accident on Kansas Highway 5 near Lansing, Kansas may have been caused by a deer darting out into the road. The 22 year-old driver swerved to miss a deer, lost control of the car, rolled and crashed into a tree. Luckily, the victim was wearing his seat belt and was suffering from neck and back pain when he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Deer and vehicle accidents are nothing to mess around with in our Kansas City metropolitan area. One of the beauties of living in Kansas or Missouri is the abundance of wildlife in our vicinity. This same wildlife, however, can bring significant dangers to drivers. October through December is the breeding time for deer and also seems to coincide with a significant increase in deer-related accidents. Let's take the time to review the basics of safety when driving in areas known for heavy deer populations:


1. Look for deer crossing signs are posted to warn drivers of heavily populated deer areas. Take notice of these signs!
2. Maintain proper and safe speeds.
3. Practice defensive driving.
4. Keep an eye out - scan the roadway and surrounding areas for signs of deer.
5. Deer are especially active around sunset and sunrise.
6. Drive carefully at night - use your high beams whenever possible to better illuminate the roads.
7. Watch how other cars are driving, they may have spotted a deer near the road that you haven't yet.
8. Always expect the unexpected.


At Roswold Law Group we know there are times when a collision with these animals is unavoidable. Many times it is better to hit the deer head-on rather than trying to avoid these animals.  Our experienced Kansas City Auto Accident Attorneys, we know that trying to avoid these animals often leads to crashes with other vehicles, vehicle rollovers and other accidents that are frequently worse than hitting the deer. Let's try to keep our Kansas and Missouri roadways safe!

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