A doctor is supposed to be someone you trust.  After all, a doctor is supposed to know the things that we, as parents don't know when it comes to our children's health.  As parents, its easy for us to be able to tell when something isn't quite right with our kids, but we trust a doctor to give it to us straight, no matter how hard the truth may be to hear.  What we don't ever think about is whether or not a doctor's diagnosis is honest.

A lawsuit filed in Detroit, Michigan puts that patient-doctor trust in the spotlight. A Detroit area doctor and hospital are being sued because Dr. Yassar Awaad allegedly misdiagnosed hundreds of children with neurological disorders such as epilepsy.  The lawsuit, which names both Dr. Awaad as well as Oakwood Hospital, claims Dr. Awaad even went so far as to perform unnecessary procedures on the misdiagnosed children, such as implanting seizure controlling devices in the brains of numerous young patients.  All of this being done for the doctor's own financial gain. As Kansas and Missouri Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Roswold Law Group we see cases like this far more than we should.  Protect yourself and your children by doing your homework when searching for the right doctor or pediatrician.  Unfortunately this isn't always good enough, as this case proves.  If you can, always get a second opinion, especially when a diagnosis shows a serious health risk to you or  your child.

What diseases are most often misdiagnosed in Kansas City?

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