The teenage years are a time of many firsts.  First cars, first dates, and first jobs are just some of the milestones celebrated during those important and formative years.  Along with those milestones come dangers, like the dangers teen drivers face.  Some dangers might be less obvious, like the dangers of teen work injuries

When you think of a teenager, you may think of a near adult that sometimes speaks his or her mind a little too much.  But teenagers are still children, and can still be persuaded by the adults in their lives to hide things.  If your child is employed, talk to him or about worker’s rights.  Explain that the law regulates safe working conditions.  Find out the scope of your child’s responsibilities at work and routinely check with them to make sure that they are not asked to do more than they are legally able to do.

More than anything keep the lines of communication open.  If your child is injured, guide them through the worker’s compensation process.  Remind them that as a worker, they have rights.  When any worker becomes injured on the job, those rights must be protected.  Download your free copy of our book How to Avoid Becoming a Work Injury Horror Story for more information.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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