There has been much debate over whether dangerous dogs are the product of nature or nurture.  As legislation is deliberated on in Florida on whether or not to ban pit bulls from the state, some residents are claiming that certain breeds of dogs-such as the pit bull-are dangerous because their genes program them to be aggressive dogs.  Other residents firmly believe that all dogs are a product of their environment, and can become dangerous only when mistreated by owners or raised to be aggressive

In 2007, thirty-three people were killed after being attacked by dogs and the primary victims were young children.  It is also estimated that every American has a 1 in 50 chance of being bitten by a dog every year.  To learn more about dog bite statistics, read the "Dog Bite Epidemic."

How can you protect your child from a dog attack?  It is very important to educate your child on how to keep a safe distance from all unfamiliar dogs.  Here are some tips:

-Tell your child to always ask permission before approaching or petting a dog.
-Explain to your child that when dogs are napping, eating, or nursing their pups they may be more likely to bite.
-Give your child warning signs!  Explain that snarling, growling, or barking dogs could attack.
-Teach them how to handle an angry dog.  They can prevent an attack by keeping a distance between themselves and the dog.  If approached by a dog, they should know to stand still, don't make eye contact, speak calmly and friendly to the dog, and when it is safe, slowly begin to walk away.
-If a dog is attacking them, teach them to yell for help, place any object they can (for example, a backpack) inbetween them and the dog, because no one can outrun a dog.  But if the dog is overpowering them, they should know to drop to the ground, curl up in a ball, and cover their neck, face, and head (Just like in a tornado drill at school).

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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