Negligent driving left Anthony Aquan-Assee in a coma for two weeks fifteen years ago.  Doctors thought he'd never recover, but he proved them wrong and today he’s an outspoken advocate on the importance of traffic safety and he's devoted much of his post-recovery life to the topic.
In September of 1997, the Canadian Olympic judo team hopeful and eight grade teacher, was riding his motorcycle to work when he was struck by a driver who failed to check for oncoming traffic. After numerous surgeries and two weeks in a coma, he woke up confused and battered. What followed was a full year of hospitalization and painful rehabilitation.
But he believes he came back to serve a purpose. "I came back to give people a message," said Aquan-Assee, who's since written two books about being a brain injury survivor. "My message is that you have to stay safe, and that means to be visible.”
Visibility is the number one key in avoiding most pedestrian collisions. Experts suggest wearing bright clothing and only cross streets at signals and well-lit intersections.
The winter months makes pedestrian safety worse. The season provides dark roads and hazardous road conditions. A driver’s visibility is reduced up to 50-60% at night while it’s snowing. When pedestrians are covered up with hoods and ear muffs, they are reducing their senses and the miscommunication at an intersection is what causes 85% of the traffic accidents.

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