We all know the dangers of drinking and driving, but what about driving while on drugs?  Not a good idea according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).  In figures just released by the NHTSA, in 2009, one third of all fatally injured drivers tested were found to have drugs in their system. 

How does this compare with prior years?  Not well.  The 2009 figures were up 3% from 2008 and up 5% from 2005.  Unfortunately, the data is somewhat incomplete, as frequently testing is not done and therefore, not available for review.  There were 22,000 fatally injured drivers who were not tested, and 1,700 of those tested did not have available results from the testing.  In other words, there is a whole lot of fatal crashes that there is simply no information available.  The government also indicated that the testing was only indicative of the driver having drugs present in his system, not that the drugs impaired the driver or caused the accident.

At Roswold Law Group, we are always studying the information available to us to help in preventing auto accidents for our Kansas and Missouri drivers.  Even with this limited data, it appears this is a wake-up call for everyone to understand just how drugs may impact your ability to drive safely.  As
Kansas City Auto Accident Lawyers we encourage everyone to read the labels of the drugs you are taking.  Are they safe when operating a motor vehicle?  If not, don't get behind the wheel.  It could be your own life you are saving. 

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