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Dune Buggy Accident In Lenexa Business Park Kills One, Injures Another

A local man was killed and another suffered a critical head injury in a tragic dune buggy accident in Lenexa KS. on Friday evening.  Police say the accident, which happened at a business park at 83rd and Flint street, which is west of I-35, may have been caused when the dune buggy lost control trying to make sharp turn.  It's believed that the men, one of which worked at a nearby auto performance shop were test driving a custom made dune buggy.  Both the passenger and the driver were ejected from the vehicle when it rolled over.  Neither of them were wearing a seat belt. 

Simply wearing a seat belt is the number one way to limit if not even prevent injuries in any kind of auto or vehicle accident.  Seat belts should be worn at all times, no matter what you are driving, be it a car, a truck or even a fun vehicle such as the dune buggy in this case.  Because accidents can happen at any time for any reason, buckle up no matter how short or fast your trip will be.  Better to arrive safely than not at all.


The Kansas personal injury and accident attorneys of the Roswold Law Group wish to express our deepest sympathies for both victims in this tragic accident and remind you to always practice safe driving techniques when driving, whether its a car a truck or even a recreational vehicle such as a dune buggy.


If you have lost a loved one or know someone that has been injured in an automobile accident in Kansas or Missouri contact experienced auto accident and injury attorney James Roswold and his team of Kansas City personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.



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