expert witness testimonyIf you file a claim for compensation for your injuries in a motorcycle accident, the negligent driver's insurance company could deny your claim—even if their liability is clear cut. If they do, you may need to obtain additional evidence to refute their arguments. One very effective way to convince the insurance company to pay you the compensation you deserve under Missouri or Kansas law is to retain an expert witness.

Types of Expert Witnesses Who Are Helpful in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Expert witnesses are individuals qualified to issue an opinion about certain aspects of a motorcycle accident case. In order to testify at a trial, they must have sufficient expertise in a particular field based on their education, training, and work history to qualify as an expert witness.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we have a network of very qualified experts we can hire on your behalf if necessary. The experts we use are able to explain their conclusions and how they arrived at them in an easily understandable manner—which is crucial to winning a jury trial. We would decide what experts to retain based on the disputes with the insurance company and the facts of your case. Here are five common experts that could help you win your case.

Medical Expert

You will need a medical expert if you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. They can help you prove the following:

  • What injuries you suffered, and how serious they are
  • Medical treatments you need
  • Whether you will fully recover and, if not, what future medical care you will need
  • How your injuries will affect your ability to work

Accident Reconstruction Expert

We may recommend that you hire an accident reconstruction expert if there are serious disputes as to who was at fault in causing your motorcycle collision. An accident reconstruction expert will review the accident scene, witness statements, police report, photos, and other evidence to determine how the crash occurred. They can also create a computer-generated accident reenactment, which can be powerful evidence to show the jury if your case goes to trial.

Economic Expert

You may need to make a career change to a less-demanding job or become permanently disabled due to your injuries. If this occurs, you could incur huge wage losses over the rest of your life. An economic expert can put a monetary figure on your lost earning capacity damages that can help us value this portion of your claim.

Rehabilitation Expert

Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may need to hire a physical or vocational therapist. They can give an opinion on the types of therapy you need to treat your injuries and help you return to work—if this is possible.


Was your motorcycle accident caused by a road defect or a design or manufacturing defect in one of the motor vehicles involved in your crash? If so, we may hire an engineer who understands how these defects caused your injuries and any federal or state laws or regulations that were violated.

Have You Been Injured in a Kansas City-Area Motorcycle Accident?

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