If you are an elderly driver or know someone who is considered a senior citizen, you know all too well that as you've gotten older, your reflexes aren't what they used to be.  Elderly drivers can be more vulvernable to being involved in an an auto accident because of a decrease in reaction time and slower reflexes.

An fatal accident in Topeka, Kansas today is an example of how tragic things can be for elderly drivers.  A 79 year old woman was killed when the car she was driving went off the road and hit a bridge support.  The woman was driving alone on westbound I-70 in Topeka when she lost control near the 470 interchange by Urish Road.

As Kansas City Auto Accident and Injury Attorneys at Roswold Law Group we know how dangerous auto accidents can be no matter who is driving.  Being able to use attentive driving techniques is important for all ages, whether you are 16 or 80 years of age.  The reflexes of young drivers aren't as strong as an experienced driver.  While experience helps, age can take a toll.  Slower refelxes can make it harder to react if something goes wrong with your vehicle or even if something unexpected happens on the road in front of you.

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