One woman is dead after a fatal crossover accident on Kansas Highway 10 near DeSoto, Kansas on Thursday.  Police say the accident was caused when the woman, driving a blue Escort, lost control and went from the eastbound lanes and crashed into a FedEx truck traveling west on the highway.  A passenger of the Escort as well as the driver of the FedEx truck suffered serious injury in the crash.  The FedEx delivery driver is listed in critical condition.

As Kansas and Missouri Auto Accident and Injury Lawyers, we encourage all motorists to practice safe and attentive driving techniques to ensure that all roads and highways are safe in the future.  Accidents that happen on our state highways can have especially dangerous consequences because of the high speeds cars and trucks are traveling at.

Fortunately, accidents like this one can be prevented by simply paying attention while driving.  Putting aside distractions, especially cell phone activity can go a long way in ensuring your safe arrival at your destination.

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