Fatal Train Crash in Missouri Kills Jamesport Woman

A Jamesport, Missouri woman, Teresa Wray, 45, was killed in a collision with a Union Pacific train early Friday morning.  Wray was heading to work in Chillicothe between 3:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., when her pickup truck struck a moving train along Highway F, east of Jamesport.  Another driver discovered the accident and notified police.  Police had to contact Union Pacific, as the train did not stop because the crew was unaware that an accident had occurred.

The train, carrying 93 cars, was stopped in Lawson, Missouri, 50 miles away from the accident.  An inspection of the train was to be completed to check for damages before the train was allowed to continue on its route.

Train and car accidents are quite common, and unfortunately, quite deadly.   There are approximately 3,000 accidents at railroad crossings every year, with 1,000 deaths that occur.  Although we may never fully know what happened in this case, we do know the outcome.

As experienced Kansas City Auto Accident Attorneys, we encourage everyone to be careful when approaching a railroad crossing.  Most crossings in our area are marked with lights and crossing gates, but there are still many that do not have such markings. Our attorneys hope that all Kansas City drivers will learn from this tragic accident and use extra caution around trains and railroad crossings.

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