A Kansas City, KS. Fire Truck was involved in an accident while responding to a pedestrian injury accident involving a 13 year-old boy.  As the fire truck headed to the scene, a motorist failing to yield to the fire truck was struck by the pumper truck at 75th Street and Leavenworth Road - three blocks from where the victim needed assistance.  Fortunately, there were no injuries involved, and the fire truck was able to continue to the scene. 

The accident the fire truck was called to involved a 13-year old Eisenhower MIddle School boy.  The 13-year old got off a bus stopped at 72nd Street and Leavenworth Road and was crossing the street to head into school when he was struck by a red pickup truck.  The boy sustained non-life threatening injuries.

First, how does a driver fail to yield to a large, red fire truck with lights and sirens blaring?  Unfortunately, there could be many reasons for a failure to yield, and let's use this crash as a reminder to all Kansas City drivers to be sure to be aware of your surroundings as you navigate our Kansas and Missouri streets and highways.  Sadly, loud music, drivers wearing earbuds while driving, cell phones and a whole host of other distractions can cause a driver not to notice an emergency vehicle. 

Consider how you would feel if you or your loved one was waiting for this emergency vehicle to provide needed medical or other emergency services and the responders were unable to arrive quickly because of this type of accident. 

Second, the accident involving the 13-year old is also a great reminder to local drivers to use extra caution when driving in school zones.  In this case, it appears the driver was cooperative with police, and the child sustained non-life threatening injuries, but that is not always the outcome.

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