Football player arrested on DWI charge

In college it is not uncommon for kids to party and play like they are invincible.  With college athletes, they can sometimes think they are above the law, not just immune to accidents.  College athletes become so focused on avoiding injury on the football field that they fail to realize their careless actions off the field or court can cause serious injury and death not just for them, but for any innocent victims that may be involved due to their negligence.

The University of Missouri football team is becoming a tragic example of the dangers of drinking and driving for college students.  Long snapper and back up tight end Beau Brinkly became the third member of the MU football program to get arrested on a DWI charge in the past month.

We previously told you about the arrest of linebacker Will Ebner and offensive line coach Bruce Walker, who were arrested earlier in August.

Our Kansas City Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys certainly hope these young men get help and get back on track so they don’t lose their scholarships.  Being an athlete in college can lead to an inflated ego, which can affect the common sense a player uses in judgement.  Adding alcohol to the equation only makes matters worse.

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