The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) fined a Grandview, Missouri business $50,000 for a floor collapse that put three employees in the hospital.
The accident occurred at Kenny’s Tile & Floor’s building at 3303 Main Street on September 23. An employee was manning a forklift carrying a large load of  Thinset when the floor underneath him gave way and collapsed into the basement. The forklift, employee, steel, concrete and pallets crashed into the basement work area.
Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident.
OSHA cited Kenny’s Tile & Floor with three violations, including exceeding weight limits. The signs on the building specified 125 pounds per square foot loading capacity. That load was exceeded the weight limit. Building loads are determined by the architect.
When employees are injured on-the-job, they are eligible for workers' compensation to help with the costs of medical care and lost wages.  If the injuries are caused by the company’s negligence, you may be entitled to other damages.
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