Share the Road.  The  message is simple.  It may not fit into your driving schedule, having to slow down or even yield to a pack of bicyclists on the road.  Failiing to respect them however can lead to serious injury if not death for them but possible jail time for you, the motorist.

A perfect example of the growing tension between motorists and bicyclists happened in Lawrence, Kansas last week when members of a cycling group were out for a ride close the 1000 block of E. 1400 county road.  Seven members of the riding group were harassed by a man in a black Chevy truck.  The man slowed to the pack and began yelling at them for being on the road.  He then sped ahead and struck the lead rider of the group before speeding away.  The man that was clipped by the truck suffered serious injury in the form of severe scrapes on this back.

As Kansas and Missouri Auto Accident and Pedestrian Injury Lawyers at Roswold Law Group in Kansas City we wish the victim of this  unfortunate accident a speedy recovery and hope he's back on his bike soon.  We hope this is a rare case in how motorists are treating bicyclists.  Everyone, motorists and bicyclists included should be sharing the road and giving each other proper respect.

Bicyclists are far more prone to serious injury but the chance for serious injury goes up when an car or truck is involved.  If you are harassed by a motorist or are a witness to a vehicle-bicycle hit and run accident, call the police and report the vehicle involved.  Help keep our roads safe by watching out for each other.

Check out our article, on "Safe Tips for Sharing the Road", a good guide that offers tips for bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.

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