We take pride and work hard to protect Kansas and Missouri truckers after trucking accidents. Use common sense when trying to cross a rail road track. Never try and beat a train. If a train is approaching, STOP. It is nearly impossible to judge the speed of a train. Don't take foolish risks. Drive Safe. Drive Smart.  A near tragic example of the dangers of unmarked rail crossings happened in Utah when a truck driver suffered severe head injuries in a collision with a train near Salt Lake City.

The collision between the water truck and the train happened at a location where the crossing does not have any lights or barrier arms. Instead, it has a 'crossbuck' warning sign.  The truck driver was ejected from the truck and suffered critical head injuries in the trucking accident. He was airlifted him to a nearby medical center where he was listed in critical but stable condition.


Our experienced Kansas and Missouri Trucking Injury Lawyers are horrified by this accident. We'd like to extend our deepest sympathies to friends and family of the victim in this tragic accident. We want to remind all motorists, whether you are driving a big rig, a motorcycle or a car to respect the laws at a train crossing intersection even if there isn't a clearly marked warning signal.

When a crossing signal isn't present, never assume the coast is clear.  Slow down and prepare to stop. Not all
Trains are wider than the tracks.  Keeping a safe distance, look both ways.  Check and recheck before proceeding.
It's always a good idea to turn off the radio, roll down a window and listen for an approaching train.

If your vehicle should get stuck on a rail road track. GET OUT of the vehicle immediately and call 911.

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