At Roswold Law Group, we distracted and inattentive driving can lead to serious injury accidents.  For elderly drivers, this is a growing concern.  Take a case last week in Fairway, Kansas when a 92 year-old woman drove her car through the front of Fairway Frames.  Police say the woman confused the gas for the break and slammed on it when she lost control.  At least one person was in the store working at the time of the accident.  No one was injured.


Our experienced Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyers want to remind all motorists that driving is a privilege, not a right.  No matter your age, you need to know when to hand the keys over if you are unable to drive for any reason.  If you do get behind the wheel, pay attention.  Elderly drivers are more likely to be in an auto accident because of a slower response time.


Distracted and inattentive driving is the number one cause of accidents in Kansas and Missouri.  Let's all work together to prevent careless accidents like this one.  Practice safe and attentive driving techniques and keep the roads safe for everyone.

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