reasons to hire a truck attorney Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysIf you're injured in a large truck accident, your claim for injury compensation can be more complex than if you experienced a passenger car accident.

Hiring an attorney with the knowledge to handle commercial vehicle collisions is a necessary action to protect your legal rights and ensure you receive a fair settlement. 

Here are five ways the right attorney can help you.

Dealing With Regulation Violations

Truckers and transportation companies are required to comply with many state and federal regulations. Violation of these laws, such as the number of hours a trucker can drive without a break, or truck maintenance and inspection obligations, could be the cause of your wreck. An attorney who specialized in commercial vehicle crash cases understands these regulations and can determine if they were violated in your accident.

The Need for a Thorough Investigation

Determining the reasons for truck crashes can be complicated. Some of the documents needed may be in possession of the fleet company. A skilled lawyer knows to send a spoliation letter soon after your accident to advise the company of your claim and demand the production of documents helpful to your case.

This is just the start of a thorough investigation into the wreck. Your legal team should work diligently to collect additional evidence to prove not only the cause of an accident, but also evaluate liability.

Multiple Parties May Be Liable

It's much more likely that numerous parties will share fault in a semi, big-rig, bus, or tanker accident than in a passenger vehicle crash.

In addition to the truck operators and the companies that hired them, shippers, maintenance companies, and truck manufacturers might also be negligent. An experienced lawyer understands how to examine the evidence that indicates where the fault lies, and file claims with their insurance companies on your behalf.

Handling Complex Negotiations

The sheer weight and force of a large truck mean occupants of passenger cars experience far more significant injuries when a collision occurs. Catastrophic injury or wrongful death claims are difficult to settle with insurance companies. 

The process can become even more complicated if multiple parties are partially to blame for your wreck, and negotiations must be conducted simultaneously with each one. Your legal team should have proven strategies to accomplish this.

Guidance for Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurance company won't offer a proper settlement, you must dispute the claim. You'll need a lawyer to file a complaint and litigate your case if necessary. So it's important to select an attorney with a track record of success in taking these cases to a jury trial, as well for settling them out of court.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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