I-35 at the I-635 interchange in the Kansas City meto area was the scene of an unusual traffic backup Monday morning.   A strong spring storm hit the Kansas City metro area with high winds and hail.  Drivers along I-35 apparantly took shelter from the storm by stopping under the overpass on I-35.

The Kansas Highway Patrol advised that it is illegal to stop along an interstate highway unless there is a life-threatening situation. They further indicated that even the shoulder along the highway is for emergency use only.  Violators of these laws may pay a fine of up to $175 and may possibly have to appear in court. 

The Kansas City based personal injury attorneys at Roswold Law Group know that spring storms in Kansas CIty and throughout Missouri and Kansas can be extremely dangerous.  Interestingly, however, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicates that overpasses, ditches and culverts are not safe during severe weather and drivers should head to reinforced buildings to take cover. Moreover, the congestion and traffic blockage caused by pulling onto shoulders and under overpasses can lead to car and truck wrecks and motor vehicle accidents can result in potentially serious personal injuries and damages. The best safety advice an experienced accident injury lawyer can give to motorists is to closely follow the rules of the road and listen carefully to other professional guidance when driving the interstates Kansas City and Missouri and Kansas highways.  

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