With summer parties in full swing, inflatable slides and boucing rooms are all the rage.  But we urge parents to remember that these devices can present deadly situations.  The most alarming reminder of this came not even two weeks ago.  Fortunately, the following situation did not take any child's life, but it was disturbingly close.

On the 13th of this month, a little boy from Lakewood Elementary School was partaking in an end of the school year celebration.  At which, he found an inflatable slide.  The slide was provided by a company known as Fun Services of Kansas City, and according to the company's officials, it is believed that the little boy must have entered the slide from an unmarked, unaccounted entrance.  If this is the case, then that little boy--who sources have yet to identify--would find himself stuck between two parts of the inflatable device not long after entering it.  After the little boy had been trapped he quickly began to lose his breath and fell into a state of asphyxiation.   

Fortunately, the little boy was saved.  A company employee who was on duty was informed that a child was stuck, but by the time the boy was found, he was not breathing.  The little boy did receive medical attention, and eventually was successfully revived. 

Two weeks later, the little boy is still unidentified, but the story hits close to home for all Kansas City residents.  Especially for those who have had children who have been put in harm's way after having used a dangerous or faulty product. 

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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