Last weekend, fifteen children had to bear a few seconds of immense pain.  In Bellevue, Iowa, nine adults and fifteen children were trampled by a pair of spooked horses pulling a large carriage.  The horses were part of the small town's Fourth of July Celebration Parade. 

The driver of the horses was a husband and a wife duo.  The woman was Janet Steines, she was about sixty years old and also died on that day.  At this time, it is unclear whether she died while attempting to stop the horses, or if she was thrown from the carriage that her horses were pulling.  Her husband survives her. 

But that death toll could have been one higher if it were not for loving parents Teri and Brian Feyen.  The couple and their infant son were standing in the way of the oncoming horses when Brian pushed his wife and child out of the way.  He actually survived without any serious injuries, but his wife sustained multiple fractures to her lower limbs.  But their young son was in his mother's arms when the animals came charging at them, and the force of his father's timely push and with his mother's body as a shield, the infant survived without any serious injuries at all. 

Yet other children were not so lucky.  One six-year-old boy sustained multiple injuries to his internal organs.  His father, Dan Schmidt, reports that his is doing okay and is responding well to medical treatment. 

This story serves as a great reminder to all parents that danger is unavoidable.  No one expected this to happen on a happy family holiday, but it came without any warning, as most child injury and accident situations do.  

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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