This is tragic, but sadly something that is happening every year around this time.  A high school football athlete, working to prove his worth on the field, practicing in extreme heat conditions collapses and dies.  It happens all over the country every year and it happened in Miami, Florida this week.  A 16 year-old high school football player died shortly after participating in a conditioning drill at Miramar High School.  He had already been held out of drills for the majority of the session because he had reported he wasn't feeling well.

The boy had called his family early on, saying he has been experiencing cramps and was ready to be picked up. As he was leaving, he allegedly collapsed. He began vomitting and went into cardiac arrest. The athelete was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Our experienced Kansas City Child Injury Lawyers are deeply saddened by the death in this case.  Losing a loved one, especially someone so young is just tragic.  While there is no explanation in this death-- and it could be a great number of things, whether it was brought on by practcing in the heat or something internal that had gone undetected by medical examiners.

However, past cases similar to this one lead to some form of dehydration.  As a high school athlete, you body is still developing.  While you feel like you can take on the world, your body is just as prone to the same weaknesses as non-athletes older and younger.

Parents, make sure your child understands the importance of staying hydrated. There are a number of options from sports drinks, fruit juices and good old fashioned water bottles. Ask your school administration what their policy is on having drinks in class during the hot days at school. Most allow kids to have bottles, thermos, etc. with lids.

Eating a good breakfast and lunch will help keep the child alert and strong as the day wears along. Some schools allow students to take a small, healthy and reasonable snack as a part of mid-morning breaks.

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