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Is Your Kansas City Child's Bus Driver Drunk Behind the Wheel?

As parents of school children, we know its stressful enough allowing your child get on a school bus. There are already so many wild card factors that can affect their commute to school. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the driver is actually sober enough to drive the vehicle. That is exactly the situation families are facing in New Jersey after sad situation that happened last week.

A 46 year-old bus driver is facing a whopping 25 counts of driving under the influence after being full of children. Thankfully the children were alert enough to not panic. Instead they used cell phones to call their parents who called police who in turn tracked the bus down and arrested the driver before she could put the children in danger anymore.

Our experienced Kansas City Drunk Driving Injury Attorneys know that the dangers of drunk driving takes many forms and that protecting your child is your number one priority. If you suspect your child is not safe on the bus they are assigned for transport you need to notify the school and the bus company immediately. Unfortunately, this is a concern that has a lot of ground and it could happen more than is being reported.

Talk to your child about how to react if they feel they are in danger on their school bus. It is amazing these kids were able to stay calm and report the issue and that is why they are safe today.

Contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys if you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in an accident involving a drunk driver in Kansas or Missouri. We want you to know your rights as a victim.
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