Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest baseball players of all-time.  His descent from All Star ball player to brain disease victim is one of the most tragic stories in sports history.  For years, it has been a bit of a mystery as to what caused Gehrig to develop ALS, also know now as Lou Gehrig's disease.  However recently, Dr. Ann McKee, a neurology professor at the Boston University, has been conducting research in an attempt to connect head trauma and traumatic brain injury to serious brain illnesses such as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Her findings make sense.  Gehrig played during a time when players didn't wear helmets while batting.  Because brain injury diagnosis and treatments were still in an infantile stage compared to where we are now.  Players of Gehrig's generation rarely took days off from injuries such as concussions.  Gehrig was know to have had at least five severe head concussions during his playing days.  Today however it is pretty common knowledge that the brain needs mental rest from all activity in order to recover.

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Dr. McKee's research is showing there is a direct correlation not only to Lou Gehrig's head injuries and his ultimate death at the hands of ALS but too many athletes over the years who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and have also gone on to show signs of ALS. Many athletes, including those right here in Kansas City, should take note of this information.  Each year it seems we see a big time NFL player being forced to retire because of head concussions.  In Kansas City, our very own Trent Green, ultimately had to call it quits because of numerous head injuries in a short period of time.  All were suffered while playing football.

As Kansas and Missouri Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers we urge all victims of a head injury to get it checked out by your doctor and a nuerologist.  Even the slightest bump to the head can lead to long term damage and serious brain illness, as Dr. McKee's research suggests.

Have You Or A Loved One Suffered A Brain Or Spinal Cord Injury?

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