Kansas City Makes the Top 10 for Most Fatal Car Accidents

Kansas City Makes the Top 10 for Most Fatal Car AccidentsMany people often wonder which cities or states are known to have the most tragic accidents. While this is a common curiosity, they also likely hope that they do not live near one of these cities or states as they want to avoid life-threatening accidents as much as possible.

It is a fact that some places across the country are known to have more car accidents than others. Instead of trying to avoid these areas, you can instead become aware when you are driving through them, stay focused and pay attention at all times, and stand up and advocate for new traffic laws and regulations to keep your family and loved ones safe.

Recent report sheds light on the top cities in the United States with most fatal car accidents

A recent report published by Forbes brought attention and awareness to the cities across the United States where people are most likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, as well as the cities where the most fatal car accidents occur. Some people may be surprised to learn that Kansas City, MO was number seven on the list for most fatal car accidents, while others might say “I knew it!” Kansas City was ranked seventh for most fatal car accidents because its fatality rate is 18 per 100,000 residents.

Another recent news report released by Fox 4 points out that fatal crashes are on the rise in Kansas City, MO. In fact, according to the report, as of November 2023, the Kansas City Police Department had recorded 90 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents, which was already more than the total number of fatal accidents in all of 2022. Unfortunately, this shows that Kansas City has a very big problem on their hands, and our community and residents should come together and develop ideas to help combat this issue.

Why do fatal crashes occur?

Fatal crashes are severe car accidents in which someone either died directly at the scene of the accident or succumbed to their injuries very soon after the accident. These types of crashes happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • A driver was distracted: One of the most common reasons for fatal accidents is because one of the drivers involved was distracted. This means that instead of giving their full attention to the task at hand, which is driving, they were sending a text message, reading an email, messing with the radio, playing with their child in the backseat, or even allowing their pet to roam around the vehicle. When a driver fails to focus and concentrate on the road, they put everyone around them at risk of a fatal accident.
  • A driver was speeding: Speed limits are put in place to keep all road users safe and harm-free while navigating the roads. Therefore, when someone is driving over the speed limit, they are likely to cause a fatal crash. This is because they may not have enough time or space to slow down if another vehicle suddenly stops, turns, or changes lanes.
  • A driver was fatigued or sleeping: It is never a good idea to get behind the wheel if you feel overly tired or fatigued. However, many drivers still make the decision to drive when they are exhausted and do not have much energy. As a result, they may fall asleep while driving and cause a fatal collision.
  • A driver was driving recklessly or carelessly: While young drivers like to show off when they drive, all age groups sometimes think that they are familiar with certain roads, causing them to drive recklessly and carelessly. Regardless of the reasoning, reckless and careless driving is very dangerous. This may involve tailgating, changing lanes without using a turn signal, failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, and weaving between lanes. Although these might seem like minor issues, they can actually lead to severe and fatal accidents.
  • A driver was drunk or intoxicated: Drivers who choose to get behind the wheel after having alcoholic beverages or taking drugs put other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists at risk of a fatal crash. This is because alcohol and drugs impair your brain and thinking skills as well as reduce your reaction times. Therefore, a person who is drunk or intoxicated will likely not be able to make logical decisions quickly enough when operating a very powerful machine, such as a car.
  • A driver made a mistake or error: It only takes one simple mistake or error to cause a major collision. For example, if a driver simply makes a wrong turn, they may collide with oncoming traffic, killing several drivers and passengers at once. Another common scenario involving a simple mistake or error is if a driver fails to obey a stop sign or red light. This may cause a fatal pileup accident at the intersection.

What are the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City, MO?

Most people are aware of the fact that intersections are very dangerous in any city. The main reason for this is because there is a lot going on at once at intersections. Various cars may be going in different directions, and drivers must process and take in all this information quickly. However, sometimes, the lack of visibility, poor intersection design, and confusing lanes and signs can cause intersections to be dangerous. Here are a few of the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City, MO that you should know about:

  • Westport Road and Southwest Trafficway
  • Roanoke Parkway, Belleview Avenue, and Ward Parkway
  • East 39th Street and Gillham Road
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Cherry Street, and Rockhill Road
  • Southwest Trafficway and West 39th Street

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