It’s a proud distinction. According to Allstate Insurance Company, Kansas City is home to the safest drivers in the country. Nearby Olathe and Overland Park were also in the top 15. If you have been rear-ended, side-swiped, or run off the road while driving around these cities, you may be surprised to hear this but, rest assured, these things are less likely to happen here than anywhere else in the nation—at least according to this survey.

The Facts for Allstate's Findings

family_drivingAs an insurance company, Allstate naturally looks to insurance claims to determine rates of accidents. The average policy holder makes a claim for accident damage every 10 years. The average Kansas City driver, however, makes a claim every 14.9 years, less often than drivers in any of the other 200 largest cities in America.

In fact, the worst city in the U.S. for drivers is Boston, where drivers make an accident claim every 3.6 years. Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Worcester, MA are all at the bottom of the list, with drivers who are unable to go even five years without making an accident claim.

The other factor Allstate looks at is incidents of hard braking, as determined by the Drivewise app they offer to policy holders. While this data is limited to Allstate policy holders who opt to use the app, Allstate believes tracking hard braking is a good indication of the mistakes drivers are making. When drivers follow too closely, make dangerous lane changes, or pull out into traffic without looking, they or other drivers must brake suddenly to avoid accidents. Tracking this data gives important information about near misses, which would not show up in accident claim data.

Drivers in Kansas City brake suddenly 9.9 times for every 1,000 miles driven. The worst city for hard braking is Philadelphia, where drivers using the app brake suddenly nearly 40 times for every 1,000 miles driven. One can assume from this information that there are a lot of bad drivers and near misses in Philly!

Good Driving Habits

Allstate says it puts out this list every year to encourage good driving behavior. Along with the list, the company also offers tips for improving driving habits and avoiding accidents. Because many of the more serious accidents occur on interstate highways, it's imperative for drivers to remember these important highway driving safety tips:

  • Watch your speed. Speed is a leading contributor to highway crashes. Keeping it in check and slowing down in poor conditions and heavy traffic are vital techniques to prevent an accident on the interstate.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. If you leave enough room between you and the car ahead so you can safely stop or maneuver around an incident in front of you, this should help prevent a rear-end collision.
  • Keep right. The left lane should be thought of as the passing lane. If you're not actively passing slow-moving vehicles, you shouldn't be in the left lane. If every driver followed this rule, highway crashes could be significantly reduced.
  • Be alert and well-rested. Distracted and drowsy driving are leading causes of crashes on the highway. Good drivers don't use their cell phones while driving and don't become distracted by passengers and entertainment systems. It's easy to get bored and feel sleepy when driving on long, straight highways, so it's important that you have plenty of sleep before heading out, and that you pull over and rest when you become too tired.

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