On his fifth birthday, a little boy from Kansas City, Missouri was brutalized by a group of rottweilers early one Monday morning.

These dogs did not belong to the child's family, or even one of the child's neighbors.  Instead, the little boy had been taken along by his mother on Sunday evening to clean a home in the 3500 block of Terrace Street.  The evening had been fine, but at some point, the mother had fallen asleep.  Although we do not know what the child had been doing while the mother was sleeping we do know that she can recall waking up around 2:30 in the morning to loud noises.  She went to go see what was going on, and she found her child bleeding profusely with deep teeth marks all over his legs from a group of rottweilers.  We do not know for how long the boy had been brutalized by these animals or why they decided to attack, but we do know that the extent of the boy's wounds was exceptional.

In a panic, the mother ran across the street to find help.  She was met by Dave Haggard, a neighboring man who was shocked to see the mother cradling her small child that appeared to be torn apart and mutilated extensively.  Haggard helped get the child into medical care at Children's Mercy Hospital.  There, one of the attending physicians reported to police that these were probably the worst wounds he had ever seen come from an animal attack.  The boy survives the attack, no word on his present condition.

The doctor's statements along with several other key pieces of information were taken into account by David Park, Community Service Department official.  It was Park who had to make the decision to put the dogs down, and he considered the doctor's statements along with photographs of the child's wounds, statements from the neighbors of the dog owners, and statements from the veterinarian who tended to the animals after the attack.  All of this evidence moved the department official to put down the dog.  The owner begged for at least one dog in particular to be spared, but this was denied when evidence of an earlier attack of a woman by that specific dog in 2007 surfaced.  The decision was obviously a difficult one, but department officials feel as though it is necessary to protect the community in the future. 

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