Log book violations, vehicle maintenance issues, failure to comply with hazardous material safety regulations; each of these are major offenses committed by commercial motor vehicle carrier companies.  Each of these violations endangers the lives of everyday drivers on Kansas and Missouri roadways.  Do you know the latest trucking accident crash statistics?

We all hope that someone is paying attention when trucking companies and bus companies continually violates these safety standards.  The good news is, someone is watching.  The Department of Transportation has a division called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,  The FMCSA keeps tabs on commercial motor carrier companies.  When these companies are behaving badly, the government takes note, and takes action.  

In fact, the FMCSA added 11 new standards to its Safety Measurement System.  The SMS monitors companies for compliance of safety standards, and watches to see if the company's compliance gets better or gets worse.  

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