Kiowa, Kansas Man Killed in Train Collision While Crossing Train Tracks

Imagine the damage and serious injury that can be caused when a pedestrian is hit by a car or even a sports utility vehicle. Then transfer that equation and pit a train versus ANY vehicle. The results aren’t going to be pretty. Anyone is lucky if they are still alive after being involved in an accident with a train. There are reasons those arms come down and attempt to block traffic at train crossings when a train is approaching and it’s not to inconvenience you. It’s meant to save your life.
Kiowa, Kansas was the tragic sight of a truly unfortunate accident.  A 43 year-old man was killed when his car was struck by a train.  Police say the man, after stopping at the railroad crossing to let one train pass, tried to weave between the crossing arms.  Another train was approaching and the driver was unable to get clear of the track and was struck.

As experienced Kansas and Missouri Auto Injury Attorneys in Kansas City, we know that not all victims survive an accident involving a train. We hope the victim in this accident recovers from his injuries and hope in the future, motorists respect the rules of the train crossings, if not the immense power of the trains themselves.

Once those lights start blinking and the safety arms go down, STOP. Even if you think you have enough time to snake through the gates before the train gets to you, don’t do it. You’re putting your life and the lives of your friends and family in danger. Be smart.

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