A hydrogen explosion rocked the University of Missouri campus on Monday.  Four lab technicians were rushed to the University hospital with serious injury including severe burns after an explosion at a university lab.  One of the techs took the blast full on and suffered severe burning to the face and chest.  According to officials of the Columbia Fire Department, the explosion happened because of human error during an experiment with hydrogen and bacteria.  They hyrogen gas exploded and blew out seventeen windows out of the third floor of Schweitzer Hall and did quite a bit of damage to the building itself.

Apparently the techs didn't have a firm grasp of the warning system and were unaward the hydrogen was reaching explosive levels.

As Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys at Roswold Law Group, we wish a speedy recovery to the victims of this unfortunate accident and hope in the future, the proper steps are taken to ensure that these University experiments are conducted in a safe environment.

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