Motorcycle safety is no joke, but what most motorists don't know is that it is the responsibility of all motorists to make sure the roads are safe for everyone whether you ride a bike or drive a car or truck.

A Leavenworth man lost his life in a tragic motorcycle crash that happened on a Kansas highway in May.  The victim of the accident, Mark Brown, 54, was riding a 1995 Harley Davidson when he lost control of the bike and crashed off the highway about 32 miles northeast of Wichita, Ks.  He was transported to the hospital, but unfortunately lost his battle to recover on Monday and died from the injuries he suffered. Motorcycle accident that happen when no other vehicle is involved almost always occur because of inattentive riding and failing to obey and obide by the laws of the road.  It is always importand to keep proper speeds and remain free of distractions no matter how empty the road appears to be.  There are many things that can happen that might be out of a rider's control, that can derail a relaxing ride and cause injury or even death because of a motorcycle accident. 

Motorycycle riders are far more vulnerable to injuries and even tragic death in the event of an accident making it all the more important that the rider is wearing the proper safety equipment, such as a helmet and goggles.

The Kansas personal injury and motorcycle accident attorneys of the Roswold Law Group in Kansas City, Mo. wish to express our deepest sympathies to Mr. Baker's family and their loss in this tragic accident and hope future motorcyclists practice safe and cautious riding techniques to ensure the roads are safe for all motorists.

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