A single-car accident Monday morning near Louisburg, Kansas sent 5 men, the driver and his 4 passengers, to area hospitals for treatment.  According to authorities, the driver went through a stop sign on Spring Valley Road crossing over Kansas Highway 68 and hit a guardrail before hitting an embankment and flipping his truck.  The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that no one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt.

At Roswold Law Group, we often talk about the importance of wearing a seat belt.  We all hear the campaigns:  "Click It or Ticket",  "Seat Belts Save Lives", etc., but still people ignore what seems to be proven advice.  The simple act of wearing a seat belt offers more protection than you might think.  Cars are designed to protect the driver and passengers with reinforced doors, air bags and a whole host of other safety features.  These features, however, only work if the driver and passengers remain safely buckled in the vehicle. 

As Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers we encourage everyone to take the time to buckle up.  It is the law and it just makes sense.  Let's keep Kansas City safe and use our seat belts 

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