MAST Ambulance and Kansas City Fire Department Merge

Accolades to the city of Kansas City, Missouri!  A merger between MAST Ambulance Services and the Kansas City Fire Department was official as of Sunday.  The merger, which has received national attention, is an effort to cut costs by the city.  According to Fire Chief Smokey Dyer, the savings look to be around $1.6 million each year.

There are several changes that will be very noticeable to the public.  First, all ambulances will bear the markings of the Kansas City Fire Department.  Second, ambulances that are between calls will report to one of 15 fire houses during their breaks.  Currently, these ambulances generally park at convenience stores, grocery stores or other public places while they wait for the next call.  Parking at the fire houses will allow better tracking of available ambulances and their locations as well as provide better resources for the crews between calls.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we see the tragedies auto accidents can bring to families.  Our personal injury lawyers know that sometimes the difference between life and death is the response time of a qualified ambulance crew. W We encourage city officials to continue to make efforts to save the city money, but we are most impressed by the improvements in accident and injury and other call response times that this merger can make for our our Kansas City area citizens.

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