At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we know going to the hospital for any reason can be very scary.  But here is some information that may not help and it's not something we are exactly proud to share, but according to a recent report, Kansas City-area hospitals are exceeding the national average for medical errors involving Medicare patients. 

But how far would hospitals go to hide these awful mistakes? A shocking new study recently released by U.S. Department of Health found that 15,000 Medicare patients die every month in part due to inadequate treatment in hospitals. The study points at hospitals in Arizona but stresses this is a problem all across the country. There are already over 250,000 infection related medical errors cost a total of well over $3 billion in 2008. These numbers represent a shocking rise since 1999, when it was reported that 98,000 people die every year because of a medical error. Our experienced Kansas and Missouri Medical Malpractice Attorneys we see cases far too often that happen because consent forms or patient wishes go either unheard or ignored.  We encourage all new parents in Kansas City to make sure you are getting the right papers, including consent forms, signed and authorized to avoid any possible mis-communication.
Always ask questions even if you feel like you are repeating yourself, just to make sure doctors and nurses are on the same page and that you understand everything that is happening in your treatment, whether you or a loved one are the patient or you are the parent or guardian of a patient.
Don't let these numbers frighten you away from taking care of your medical problem.  The awful truth is there are a lot of things that can go wrong during a medical procedure and yes, one of them is human error.  But these errors and accidents can happen at any hospital-- not just hospitals in the Kansas City metro area.
If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury as the result of an unauthorized procedure or a medical mistake in Kansas or Missouri, you should know your rights as a victim.  Call experienced Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers James Roswold and Heather Lottman.  With over 15 years of experience in Medical Malpractice cases including Child Injury Accidents, we can help you and your family determine the best way to proceed with your claim.
Contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation.  You can get started today by ordering our free book, "The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claims".  We want you to know your rights.
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