At Roswold Law Group, school bus safety has long been a concern in Kansas City. We feel there are far more injury accidents than there should be but we also know there are a lot of reasons school bus injury accidents happen and it's up to all of us to help make sure they don't happen at all.School Bus

A man driving a pick up truck ran a red light and collided with a school bus carrying 29 children last week in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. All 29 children as well as the 50 year-old bus driver and the 80 year-old pick up driver were taken to the hospital for treatment. None of the children suffered anything more than a minor injury.

Running stop lights is a problem in Kansas City and no matter what police do, it's not helping. Red light cameras and sitting patrols don't stop this dangerous driving habit and yet everyone is surprised when an accident happens.  Our experienced Kansas City Child Injury Attorneys, we want all motorists in Kansas and Missouri to remember to avoid distractions while driving and follow all rules of the road. It may not seem like much, but it could mean the difference in being in an accident and getting to where you're going safely and on time.

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

If your child has been injured it's important to speak with an experienced child injury attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our office directly at 816.471.5111 to schedule your free consultation.

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