Teen Workers Deserve to Be Safe on the Job!

Like most things teenagers do, the dangers teens face on the job is often quite far from their minds.  Unlike older or more mature workers, teen workers lack the years of experience in working conditions to understand and spot certain dangers.  For teenagers who begin their working lives in the fast food or food service industry, the dangers of burn injuries are quite real.

As a parent it is in the job description to prepare your child as much as you can for the outside world.  But when that child grows up enough to join the workforce, there is only so much you can do!  Beyond teaching your son or daughter everything you can on the subject of burn safety, there comes a point when training a teenage worker for safety on the job is out of your hands.

Your child’s employer holds the responsibility for providing a safe working environment, including safety training for all workers.  If your child has been injured on the job, you need to understand his or her legal rights. 


Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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