As Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys we have been vocal on our thoughts on motorcycle helmet safety and are well aware of the growing debate on what constitutes a safe and dependable motorcycle helmet.  But the fact of the matter remains; if you're wearing a helmet-- any helmet-- your chances of survival and even lessening injury increase greatly.

A 35 year-old man was critically injured last week in a motorcycle crash at 133rd Street and Pflumm in southern Johnson County. The tragic motorcycle accident happened in Olathe, Kansas. The motorcyclist suffered a severe head injury in addition to a fractured femur as well as numerous other critical injuries.  While he was wearing a helmet, it is being reported the helmet cracked during the crash.  The victim was transported to a nearby hospital.

Our experienced Kansas City Motorcycle Accident and Injury Lawyers are deeply saddened by accident and certainly wish the best for the victim on the road to recovery. We hope that in the future, all motorists and motorcyclists continue to practice safe and attentive driving techniques to ensure the roads are safe for everyone.

Motorcycle accidents can happen but as long as riders are doing their best to ride safe and follow traffic laws, the chances for these serious injury accidents go way down. And don't forget to dress the part-- this includes thick, protective clothing, gloves, goggles and of course a helmet.

Ride Safe. Ride smart.

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