Multi-Car Crash In Olathe, KS | KC Accident Injury Attorneys

Wet conditions may have played a part in a multi-vehicle accident in Olathe, KS. on Sunday.  If they didn’t directly contribute, they surely didn’t help matters.  The accident in this case happened after 1:00 p.m on I-35 by the Old Highway 56 exit in Olathe.  Three people were injured in the accident and all three were sent to a local hospital with what was described as minor injuries.  Police closed down a section of I-35 for clean up and investigation but did not offer any details as to what caused the wreck.

Every day, you can search through our Kansas City Auto Accident blogs and find different accidents resulting in various injuries; some minor and some unfortunately more severe.  Accidents are going to happen but the severity can be greatly limited if Kansas City drivers are practicing safter driving techniques especially during these days when we are getting so much rain.

If you have to drive in rainy conditions or on wet streets, give yourself a little extra time to get where you need to go and don’t exceed the speed limit.  If anything, drive a little slower.  Wearing a seat belt always reduces risk of injury in case of an an accident.

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