After a very quiet New Years eve celebration with friends, the new year got off to an unexpected start as I learned from a family friend that their teenager had been detained by the police at a party and had received a minor in possession/consumption of alcohol ticket.
The details of how this all transpired were very typical:
  • Teenagers were having a New Year’s Eve party;
  • Kids brought alcohol to the party in pop or water bottles;
  • The homeowner where the party was held apparently did not take steps to prevent the teenage party goers from drinking;
  • Neighbors apparently called the police when party goers began shooting off fireworks;
  • The police responded to the home and observed a young person run back into the home in response to their arrival;
  • The police were let into the home by the homeowner and the police began questioning kids and handing out tickets to those they believed had consumed alcohol;
  • Questionable techniques and tests were used by the police in conducting their investigation.

Underage drinking is a huge health problem today in our high schools and colleges. Kids who drink are more likely to be involved in alcohol related auto accidents, to have serious school related problems; to have future problems with alcohol abuse and to be victims of crime. In addition, the legal consequences and costs of an alcohol related conviction are significant, including a loss of driving privileges.

The scope of the underage drinking problem, the considerations involved in hosting a party for your teenager and the legal consequences of a minor in possession/consumption conviction are all discussed in the child injury section of our website. Please take a look for more information.

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