Booster and car seats manufacturers will soon have to follow requirements made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA will create these new requirments from a new 10-year-old crash test dummy that they have created.

This new child-aged dummy will be used to evaluate the growing number of child safety seats and booster seats that are being made for children weighing more than 65 pounds.

This dummy is the best tool currently available for measuring the risk of injury to a child using a higher-weight child restraint system in the event of a car crash, and was made alongside of the new safety requirements made to keep pace with the latest research and child restraint system technologies

The crash test dummNHTSA introduces 10-year-old crash test dummy.y will capture information about the risk of injuries to children using head and knee excursions, as well as chest acceleration.

The NHTSA recently amended the current federal child safety seat standard to include car seats and boosters specified for children weighing more than 65 pounds and up to 80 pounds. This standard will evaluate how well the heavier weight restraint systems handle crashes and if the seat's structure stays intact by incorporating the use of the child dummy for crash tests. Manufacturers will have two years to certify their higher-weight car seats and boosters to meet the new requirements.

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