Waylon Martensen, 19, a distance runner at Northwest Missouri State was killed Thursday night in a one vehicle accident.  The accident happened around 11 p.m. on rural route K in Moniteau County, MO. near California, Missouri.  Police say the accident was caused when the driver of the vehicle went of the road one way, then over corrected.  The vehicle lost control and toppled off the road before smasing into a tree and ejecting both Martensen and the unidentified driver of the vehicle.  Martensen was pronounced dead at a local hospital soon after transport.  The status of the driver was unknown at the time of the report.

Late night accidents in Kansas City like this are usually caused by inattentive driving sometimes caused by driver fatigue.  Driver fatigue is a dangerous condition that takes the lives of hundreds every year and can be a factor even if the driver doesn't realize how tired they are.  There are many ways to practice safe and attentive driving skills.  Avoid all distractions such as reaching for a CD case or talking on a cell phone or even texting.  Obey all posted speed limits and follow standard rules of the road. 

If you listen to music when driving, don't listen to anything that is going to cause you to lose focus.  Some people find it more effective to listen to a talk radio show instead of music when they are trying to keep their eyes open.  If you feel like you are too tired to drive, be honest with yourself and wait to make your trip until you've gotten proper rest.  Above all, always wear a seat belt.

The Kansas and Missouri accident and personal injury attorneys of the Roswold Law Group in Kansas City wish our deepest sympathies for the family or Mr. Martensen.

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