A late morning car crash in Kansas City, Mo. involving several vehicles resulted in one person having to be extricated from their vehicle.  The auto accident happened around 11 a.m. on westbound I-70 near Pittman Road.  Traffic was delayed on the highway while police investigated the crash site.

It seems that every morning there is another car accident somewhere in the Kansas City metro during the early morning rush hour.  These motor vehicle accidents can be avoided as long as each of us individually make it our responsibility to drive safely when we're out on the road.  This can mean doing simple things like keeping the volume down on the morning radio show or staying off the cell phone while we are on the road.  This means avoiding talking or texting.  Car accidents do happen, though, and when they do they can disrupt our day or even our lives when serious injury or death results, even if we're not the ones involved.  Human instinct may be to become curious about what is happening with clean up or investigative crews while we are forced to sit through lengthy traffic delays. But, it is important to remember to pay attention to what is going on around you so that any further car accidents can be avoided.  Stay in your vehicle, drive slow and allow emergency crews to do their job.


Ambulance rear ended on its way to accident on Pittman Road


The Kansas and Missouri injury accident lawyers of the Roswold Law Group wish everyone involved in the accident a speedy recovery and remind drivers to practice cautious and respectful driving techniques. As personal injury attorneys, we continually see the devastation caused by serious injuries and fatalities resulting from car wrecks. Let's keep catastrophic accident injuries to a minimum, Kansas City!

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