One person was hospitalized after a fiery crash on the northbound lanes of I-35 in Merriam, Kansas on Thursday afternoon.  The car accident police say was called in around 3:45 happened when one of the vehicles lost control, flipped over and burst into flames.  It was not known how many vehicles were involved in this motor vehicle accident.  One person was taken to the hospital to treat injuries suffered in the crash.  Traffic was slowed but within an hour at least one lane was passing by okay.


Accidents like these, while common, are usually caused by speeding and not paying attention while driving.  Fortunately, they can be prevented by driving safely and paying attention to what is going on around you at all times.  You can't always depend on other drivers to be doing the same.  Make sure you know what the speed limit is whether you are on a highway or a side street.  Give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going.  And no matter what, no matter how far or short your trip is, always, repeat, always wear your seat belt.


The Kansas and Missouri accident and injury attorneys at the Roswold Law Group sincerely wish a speedy recovery to victims of this unfortunate automobile collision.  As personal injury lawyers, we know how devastating accident injuries can be and we encourage and promote safe and lawful driving techniques will ensure the highways are safe for all of us.

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