Look around you.  How dangerous is your job?  Maybe you work in an office or a restaurant, where the chance for serious injury may seem small.  Then again, maybe you are a construction worker or you work in a plant or warehouse, where the chance for serious injury accidents has you on high alert at all time.  It's no secret that jobs that require you to work with heavy machinery or equipment are far more dangerous than other jobs.Hebebuehne Scissorlift


One worker was killed and another was seriously injured at the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. in New Castle, Indiana on Tuesday.  The men were working on a scissor lift doing maintenance work 40 ft. above the ground when the lift collapsed.  One worker became trapped under the equipment.  He suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized.  Another worker was killed in the accident.


As Kansas and Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roswold Law Group, we hope you are being safe at your job, no matter where you work.  Accidents are going to happen but they can be prevented or at least the severity of injury can be limited as long as you are following safety procedures set by your company.  If you feel you are working with unsafe equipment or in an unsafe environment, notify your safety supervisor immediately.

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