In the early morning of September 25th 2011, witnesses heard shots fired and Marquise Williams Jr.'s car crash into a post just past the 119th Street exit on U.S.-69.  Williams is a 22 year-old from Overland Park.  Witnesses claim they saw Williams' car and a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse enagaging in either a street race or road rage heading south on U.S.-69, when they heard shots fired. The whole event took place around 2:30 AM.  The driver of the silver Misubishi Eclipse drove off before the police arrived on the scene to assess the situation.

Road rage is dangerous and can be avoided.  Some common causes of road rage include: Cutting a Driver Off, Obscene Gestures, Driving Slowly, and Excessive Honking.  There are tips available to avoid road rage.  However, when a person is involved in road rage and are injured it is important to know when to contact an attorney about the accident claim.  

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