Having investigated gas explosion cases over the past years in the Kansas City, Missouri metro area, I have become familiar with the regulations covering gas utilities. My investigations have included utility contractor accidents with severe injury victims including severe burns requiring surgery. Lacerations and deep cuts are also common in such accidents. In the Plaza Gas Explosion, there are at least 14 injury victims, including workers at JJ's Restaurant, which was totally destroyed in the blast. There are apparently serious workers compensation injuries and there may well be personal injuries as well. 3 are still unaccounted for. The injured victims at several area hospitals including St. Lukes, Truman Medical Center, and KU Med Center.

Gas companies operate in a business that can be extremely dangerous, and accordingly, they are highly regulated. The rules and regulations exist to prevent devastating injuries and even death to innocent people.  Missouri Gas Energy and other such contractors are no different.

When you witness an occurrence like this, you may wonder whether all regulations have been followed.  

Hopefully, a comprehensive investigation will be conducted and not only by Missouri Gas Energy but by by someone other than MGE. Undoubtedly MIssouri Gas Energy has its own team of investigators on the scene of the gas explosion immediately.  It's very important in situations like these that independent experts also investigate the underlying facts and circumstances in order to ensure the findings are accurate and fault is allocated in the right places.

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